My father died in November, 2006. Mostly because I can, I guess, I've posted a few memories, a few stories that might interest some of you. The beauty of the internet is that if no one is interested, then they simply won't get read. But I enjoyed the memories that flooded my mind while writing them, and if it was good only for my own soul, that is good enough.

A few Stories

Dad had a website that I was hosting at my Earthlink location. I have moved it and am posting that website here at in case anyone would like to read some of it. His exposition of why airplanes fly is one of the best and simplest explanations I've seen. Dad had a Professional Degree from Caltech in Aeronautical Engineering (this is a Ph.D. sans the language requirement) so I guess he ought to have known what he was talking about! I hope you like it.