Here's a little legacy for you. This is my Dad's website, which I have moved onto the server here. Partly because of Mom's experience as a docent at the National Air and Space Museum, Dad was very interested in providing a simple, thorough and correct treatise online on how airplanes fly. Have you always felt that the existing descriptions of flight don't seem to make sense? Well, often they don't! Many ideas about flight are just not factually correct.

So, late in life, Dad set out to write a correct and simple description. You'll find it here, along with a few other items you'll enjoy if you knew him. He didn't finish the information on supersonic flight, which is a shame because much of his early research was on supersonic flight, but you will see here also what he started authoring. I'm still looking for the image he intended to use.

So that you will know your author better, I've added three pictures at the end of this page. Please enjoy this, one of my Dad's last works.

In memoriam, Jim Densmore, Dec 19, 1925 - Nov 2, 2006.


Jim Densmore


Welcome to my home page.  This is my first attempt at a web page. Thanks to my son for his support.  Don't get confused, my son has the same name as I do.


So that's Dad's web page, thanks for reading.
At DOT, 1967.
With the love of his life, 1999.
It was important to Dad to fly Young Eagles. 2001.