My mix of Dick Hodges' cool whiteboard quotes and Erik Mugele's Deleriously Random Quotes


12/1995 Rich Moore
"You must be smarter than the tool."

6/1998 Kelly Alexander
"Don't taunt Windows."

8/2000 Mike Johnston
"Re-use? Sure, if your chair has collapsed, you can print out the code and sit on it."

1/2001 Scott Landen
"Process improvement is a 4-letter word to thy cavalier developer."

3/2001 Eric Aker
"'compliable': a mix of: (1) you can compile it, (2) it is compatible, (3) there's no liability."

10/2003 myself (gee - I said that?)
"A bureaucracy is a place where repetition takes less time than doing it right."

10/2003: Pappadeaux waitress, talking to Tim McKemy (after something about a puppy dog)
"I'm not scratching you behind the ears, I'm sorry."

11/2007: Tom Hill
"If you're herding cats, we know where to put the tuna fish."

12/2008: Dave Lubanko
"He swore on a stack of Redbooks that it would work, now we have to make it work."