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  1. Routing for mail to the address depends on DNS routing and forwarding relays at, courtesy Erik Mugele (thanks Erik!). While extremely dependable, this service is not commercial, and may occasionally be down for some reason. If so, well, then please be patient! It will be back.
  2. A bit of a joke went around for awhile about how many email addresses one has, but I don't wanna bore you. These all go to the same place -- me. Since <anything not recognized>(at) comes to me whether I like it or not, I, like many domain managers, have nearly a countable infinity of addresses that route to me! Of course, these days, lots of addresses to which I get spam are recognized - and automatically thrown into the bit bucket. I never see them.
  3. What's with the "(at)" instead of "@"? Well, with all the automated spammers and email sifters on the internet, I've found that this simple hack dramatically reduces the amount of spam that I get. Sorry you have to change the (at) to @ manually - a price we pay for a free and open net, and a small price at that.