1956 Cessna 180 Owners Manual

Well, y'all know that I own a 1956 Cessna 180, serial 32452, originally with an O470-K Continental engine (it has an -R now). Whatcha don't know is since my Dad bought it in 1960 he took such amazingly good care of the original owner manual that I still have it, can still use it, can still read it. Now, I'm not going to show you the whole thing, but here are a few nuggets from it.

This manual is kinda special, because my Mom learned to fly power aircraft in the 180 in the '60s. Dad has very few notes in this book, but Mom has lots. I can easily tell the difference in their handwriting. So this is a very personal book for me.

I'm cheap, and I write most of my pages in vi, so to get to the previous page, go <back> - and to get back to here from one of these scanned images, please do the same.

Manual cover


Inside photo

Principle Dimensions page
(15k, it's a tiff file)

Instrument panel

Another inside photo
(491k), this appears to be a repeat of the cover. There is another photo in the manual that is very very similar, but it's not quite the same photo as this one.