2006 Big East Conference Swim Meet Photos

University of Louisville Swimmers

by Jim Densmore ... comments, questions, requests - please, send to me at jim-at-densmore.org

Link to Jim's Photo Album Also, here are the links to pictures from John and Nancy Lees as described in their recent email:

Hi, here's my post of the pictures I took at the conference meet. If you wish a full-size picture, please let me know at the email address above. These photos are at 800x800 resolution. The full-size photos are much larger, 3072x3072 maximum. However, they take up 15mb total, so I did not post them full-size.

If you email me (gotta change the -at- to @ - I do this for security/spam reasons) looking for full-size photos, please let me know how you would like to receive them, and be sure to name each photo you wish. Some are usefully named, but some are just named for the chronological order in which they are taken, particularly later on after I got tired!

I will be happy to snail-mail you a CD if you wish a lot of photos. Just let me know. Meg has access to a CD also that I gave to one of her teammates. (Never underestimate the bandwidth of a mailed CD!) Enjoy!! Go Cards. --Jim