Our 180, 55A, in new livery    

I added some new pictures from my own camera on the 27th, and again on Nov 1 to show some of the prep and beforehand shots.

Linda and Gene selected the colors. We decided to use the pattern that was on the airplane originally when it left the factory in 1956. The 1956 colors were terrible, however: white, black and garrish yellow. We chose updated colors, as you can see. Gene's ability to do some of the details by hand is very impressive.

These first 6 pictures are from Gene's digital cam.

Here are the pictures of the finished product from my own camera. The large pictures are 300-500K. The small ones are 100K or less, generally.

EmblemLarge PicSmall Pic
Emblem 2Large PicSmall Pic
From RearLarge PicSmall Pic
Hangar HeadonLarge PicSmall Pic
Hangar LeftLarge PicSmall Pic
Hangar RightLarge PicSmall Pic
Left TailLarge PicSmall Pic
Left FrontLarge PicSmall Pic
Left Front QuarterLarge PicSmall Pic
No PushLarge PicSmall Pic
Right CowlLarge PicSmall Pic
RightRearLarge PicSmall Pic
Right TailLarge PicSmall Pic
Right Tail 2Large PicSmall Pic
Sam LooksLarge PicSmall Pic
SerialNumberLarge PicSmall Pic
SignatureLarge PicSmall Pic
Smile FrontLarge PicSmall Pic
StaticPortLarge PicSmall Pic
Tail HangarLarge PicSmall Pic
tailwheelLarge PicSmall Pic
wingtipLarge PicSmall Pic
Wingtip CloseLarge PicSmall Pic

      Here are the pictures of the airplane before paint, and during painting. Again, large pictures 300-500K, small ones ~ 100K or less. They're not ordered very well, I just didn't bother; obviously stripping occurred before painting! (See also these other, older pictures.

Before Paint in Farmington NM (1)LargeSmall
Before (2)LargeSmall
Before (3)LargeSmall
Before (4)LargeSmall
Before (5)LargeSmall
Before (6)LargeSmall
Before (7)LargeSmall
Before (8)LargeSmall
Masked for paintingLargeSmall
Another masked for paintingLargeSmall
All the colors onLargeSmall
Masked off, frontLargeSmall
Masked off, sideLargeSmall
Pulled some masking off (1)LargeSmall
Pulled some masking off (nose)LargeSmall
Pulled some masking off (Tail)LargeSmall
All stripped before paintLargeSmall
All stripped before paint (rear)LargeSmall
All stripped before paint (fuselage)LargeSmall
All stripped before paint (tail)LargeSmall
All stripped before paintLargeSmall
Tail colorsLargeSmall
Tail coneLargeSmall